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Magdalena Pere and Baro Graells opened Fonda Magdalena in 1866 to house all carriers, peddlers and dealers of those times. Still preserved, a pitcher of that time (1874) that gave them cantareros Verdú as thanks to good treatment received.
The couple had no children but adopted in 1885 Graells Ramona and Gaseran, born in Balaguer and niece Magdalena. Ramona married Esteve Graells Corsellas (1988) and the result of this link was born Antoni Corsellas Graells (1906-1971).
Antonio, only child, he spent a long time studying in Barcelona. In 1929 he married with Mercè Santdiumenge (1908-1989), daughter of "Cal Sant Portell". Together they went on to direct the inn. 1939, after the Civil War, the popularity of the inn increased thanks, inter alia, to host their meeting Sunday dances.
Soons of this last marriage Montserrat Corsellas Santdiumenge (10.02.31) and Josep Maria Corselles (23.08.33). In 1953, Montserrat was to learn the craft to "Ben Served" of Barcelona and the March 5, 1955 he married Jeroni Domingo Comas, son of 'Cal Forner Nou', in those days living in Barcelona while working in accounting . Jerome, a great example of how it should treat the customer, along with Montserrat in the kitchen, went to direct the Fonda; many parties and weddings (mean region married in this Fonda, did the baptisms of his children i communions, baptisms of grandchildren, silver wedding, golden ....). This couple had two sons, Antonio and Maria Mercè. Over time, the restoration took more relevance. Finally, Antonio took the business and in 1980 married Maria Pilar Garcia-Lopez that currently is responsible for the kitchen. And the rest of the team are the family that today can be found in this centennial Fonda.


A cuisine that blends the old and the new effort as required by a tradition of six generations. A cuisine that takes care of the detail and respects its roots.

We offer a daily menu and weekend menu. From salads, to the "Escudella" a fish soup and second: the Round of Beef with Mushrooms, trotters or a fish dish, according to market; and homemade desserts.
No secrets simple but well-prepared dishes. A kitchen that stands out above all by the cannelloni and round of beef with mushrooms where we have always tried to respect the most of our centennial recipes.
Passing through the hallway between the services is a large opening where you can see the interiors of the kitchen with Pilar and her son Eduard forward.

The last reforms have recovered the traditional look of the early twentieth century, revealing the Catalan vault and beamed dining Fonda Magdalena. The walls feature the winery where they are displayed from wines of our land to foreign wines. Lamp bar dishes made with coffee they gave you 60 years to the Montserrat's grandsmother ...
... a curiosity more than us about the tradition to modernity.
In front of the dining room you will find Antonio and, sometimes, his son Toni.
A friendly and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy some good times.
A restaurant for all who want to feel at home, or at least, this is our goal.

You can order any of our dishes come and pick it up at the restaurant. The request must be made in advance.


Sorroundings and its festivals

Sant Ramon Nonat, located in the highlands of Segarra between Calaf and Cervera if you actually go to the transverse axis. Sant Ramon Nonat, La Manresana, Portell and Viver Gospi form the municipality.
I autumns with its farmlands; cold winters bleached boira and frost; green and white fields and almond springs, dry and hot summers and yellow ready to harvest. The color of the horizon confirm you the month of the season. The village of Sant Ramon is relatively modern because it has its origin in the monastery of Mercy was founded in the thirteenth century, in the place where there was a chapel dedicated to Sant Nicolau. Legend has it that the sanctuary was established in the place where a blind mule carrying the remains of Sant Ramon, dropped dead after three laps .. In some periods, publicity claimed that this monastery was "El Escorial of Segarra" he says . On August 31, the feast of Sant Ramon, is the biggest party of the people.
As important holidays we can also mention the Fair Egg Sant Guim de Freixenet, the Coven of Cervera (last Saturday of August) and the Fair Theatre Tárrega (second weekend of September). Although, over the summer the surrounding host a festival every weekend.


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